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Happy 50th!

Today was our 50th Day of School!
So, we took a little time out of our day
to celebrate! 
After we discussed what the 1950's were, I handed out a couple of adorable FREEBIES from Latoya
While coloring we listened to some rockin' 50's music I found on Youtube.  And we finished with an awesome dance party complete with "The Twist!"
Image Borrowed from Google
The quote of the day came when "Hound Dog" started to play.  Kinder A exclaimed, "I know who this is!  It's Elvis Parsley!  My mom is going to be SO jealous when she hears we listened to Elvis Parsley!" 
How precious is that?!? 

In Kindergarten it's the little things that make the biggest difference... I hope my kinders remember today for years to come! 
We are 50 days in and are still going strong!

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