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The Snow Day Slump

In my experience as an interventionist I studied a lot of data and found that snow days can really have a negative impact on the progress of struggling readers.  All too often kids just sit at home on these days in front of the TV or iPad.  (Unless they have a mom like me who just made her kids turn off all technology and choose to read, write, or draw for an hour and a half... I'm so mean!) 
So, how do we keep those kids from slumping when they return?  
One way is to dive right back into a routine and schedule with lots of opportunities to read and write.  So, I've gathered some resources here for when you have those odd 2-3 day weeks mixed with wintry weather.  
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I tried to round up so tried and true as well as some new texts for this list.  
Click the titles to link to Amazon and learn more about each book.
1. Blizzard by John Rocco
2. The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats
3. The Snow Globe Family by Jane O'Connor
4. Dream Snow by Eric Carle
5. The Story of Snow by Mark Cassino
6. Snow by Uri Shulevitz
7. Snow Day! by Lester L. Laminack

Check out my "Snow Day Resources" Pinterest board for lots of reading and writing ideas especially for snow days!
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  1. I'm a meanie too!Unless my kids are deathly ill I also let them do work on snow days. These are wonderful suggestions for snow day fun.

  2. I'm a meanie too!Unless my kids are deathly ill I also let them do work on snow days. These are wonderful suggestions for snow day fun.

  3. We always try to predict when our first snow day will be. Then when we return we have a snow day party! We read lots of snow books and do a snow craft. The kids love it!

  4. Great recommendations for books and a nice reminder to get parents involved. Thanks!

  5. Great book list! I am not a "meanie" but I did get my children used to a strict schedule with "screen time" allowances. when screen time is over, they naturally turn to books for entertainments :)

  6. I'm such a "meanie" too! We have mandatory "Facetime"! AND WORK TIME! weekend are rest days but m-f are work days even summer break! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Such a fun list of books to help that snowy slump!
    Christine Maxwell Hand to Heart

  8. My kids love their snow days, but it good for them to have something to do after they are frozen from playing outside for a half hour. Great book ideas. Thanks!

  9. Thanks for the great list of books! I am also a "mean" mom!

  10. Even as the teacher, I would pray for snow days so I would have time to read :) Love your book list!

  11. This is a great list of books! Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  12. Thank you for the great ideas and list of SNOWY DAY books!!

  13. I always hope snow days are because we have lots of snow to play in. That way my kids spend most of their day outside. When we have "cold" days ,wind chill below 20, then I need ways to entertain my kids.