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Kindergarten Winter and 100th Day Lesson Plans

  It's the 22nd week of Kindergarten and we are returning from 2 NTI/Weather days off... 5 days in a row is going to make for some tired Kindergarteners AND with the 100th Day of School being on Friday I will be one tired Kindergarten teacher, too!

3 Big Goals:

Review Winter Weather Concepts

Celebrate the 100th Day of School with Fun and Reflection

Complete Monthly Assessments

Famous Words: 

"Nothing can dim the light that shines from within." -Maya Angelou

Last week we heard those three dreaded letters in education today... NTI. Thankfully, we used the days for inclement weather so that means we have less days to make up in the spring. Unfortunately the work we had our students do was just a review... so my plans for this week include another hodge-podge of lessons and activities.  In core math we are slowing down to make sure and cover everything since we've missed days here and there since winter break... we will be continuing a focus on 3D shapes and beginning our study of teen numbers. Thankfully, this concept has been a large part of our calendar activities for months and usually comes easily to my kinders as a result. In literacy we are pressing on with Saxon PhonicsHeggerty Phonemic Awareness, and with basic sight words. Our theme is Kindness and the life of Dr. King, but in the background we will also continue our study of winter and snow.

This week we will finally get to Ezra Jack Keats's The Snowy Day. We will use this text to review story elements such as character and setting. Friday is the 100th day of school so, of course, we will have a big all-day celebration!


21st Century K Resources for the Week:


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