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WOW Me Wednesday!

I'm linking up with our new collaborative blog, The Literacy Ladder, for the first ever weekly linky, WOW Me Wednesday!
I love giving my students opportunities to WOW me with their ability to solve problems and explain their thinking.  That's why every week we practice extended response questions for reading, math, and/or science.  After grading the assessments I choose "Star" Work to hang in the hall on our Star Student displays.  This holds students accountable for doing their best work, communicating their thinking well, and answering the question correctly.
(Pic of hall display to come tomorrow... Silly sinus infection has me couch-bound today.)
You can give your students opportunities to WOW you, too!  Check out some FREE Extended Response items in my TPT store, 21st Century K (follow links on the FREEBIE tab above).  Options for purchase included scaffold sets of questions for a single standard or sets of four themed for the month aligned to Kindergarten or First Grade Common Core.

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