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You Oughta Know About Force & Motion

I'm so excited to link up with Ms. McClain again this month for the return of her
Be sure to follow all the links below to find everything "You oughta know" about in January!
For my post I'm letting you know what "You oughta know" about Force & Motion!  When our district adopted the new Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) last year we were overwhelmed by some of the changes we needed to make in our curriculum. 
The standards on Force & Motion were among the first we tackled and this week our planning came to life in my classroom!

Every month I change out my play and explore centers to revolve around a theme or concept.  I have found that this benefits my students in SO many ways!  The student-centered, self-directed centers provide an experimental way for them to learn while also providing real-life opportunities to learn cooperation, communication, and conflict-resolution skills.  And all of these are just by-products to addressing the standardsWOW!
This month all centers are focused on Force & Motion with some Engineering mixed in for good measure.  I hope you will find some of these ideas useful in your classroom... I know my Kinders are LOVING it!  (Click on each photo to link to resources!)
There are lots of great FREE online games about Force & Motion!
These magnetic shape builders were a hit!
This exact set is not available anymore, but there are lots of other great sets out there!
"Using force to push these magnets together is impossible!"
We have to keep a running sign-in sheet for the popular Marble Run!
And, of course, the "old fashioned" tracks and trucks are always perfect!
These little guys are pretending to be gold miners from the hit A&E show, "Gold Rush!" 
 Has your school adopted the NGSS? 
If so, how are you addressing the shifts in curriculum?

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  1. Our staff is meeting next week to "unpack the NGSS Standards" and discuss implementation! I'm so excited! Thanks for the ideas!
    Friendly Froggies

  2. Love seeing so much play and fun going on in your classroom, thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten

  3. Thanks for giving us a peek inside your classroom! Your students are really having fun and learning at the same time. Our district honestly doesn't put a great amount of focus on science as much as social studies at least in the lower grades. Thanks for linking up this month :-)

    Buzzing With Mrs. McClain