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August Currently

After a summer break, I'm back at the computer to join Farley at "Oh' Boy 4th Grade," with 
August Currently!

Listening - To the “Today Show…” and that’s it… no husband, no children, no Stampy Cat Minecraft videos… only Matt and Savannah. I don’t have to be at school until noon, husband is at his training, and sis-in-law came to get my kids before 9 a.m.  Every school year should begin like this – with a few moments for quiet, un-rushed reflection…

Loving - My new planner - designed by ME!  I'm the worst at keeping up with a calendar.  Somehow I always manage to get things done, but I have no idea how.  I live a week-at-a-time, in general, by putting family activities and appointments on our "fridge calendar."  This year I'm trying to turn over a new leaf... for inspiration I designed my own calendar and had it printed and bound at Office Depot.  It cost WAY too much, but I love it... maybe I will keep up at least through August.  :)

Thinking - About my NEW position!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE teaching Kindergarten, but I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE intervention.  So, when our Reading Recovery position became available this summer I mentioned to my principal I would love to do it... and within 3 hours I had changed jobs!  Yikes!  I don't tend to make big decisions that quickly, but I know it was the right choice.  I'm motivated to learn something new about literacy instruction and thrilled to be back in a position with less to "take-home," so I can focus on my family.  It was overwhelming at first to downsize, but I am excited about my new small space!

Wanting - Time to SLOW DOWN!  My first baby starts 4th grade in three days and in our district that means going to middle school.  I'm. Not. Ready.  I think she is ready, though nervous, and I am putting up a very brave front, but I feel for the first time like my Kindergarten parents have felt leaving their babies with me.  And, speaking of Kindergarten parents, my middle baby starts K in three days!  As if a fourth grade transition wasn't enough, I'm a Kinder-Mom, too!  AND, my last baby starts preschool next week.  I marvel at the start of this new season, I'm prayerful for peace-of-mind, and I'm blessed with three amazing kiddos who get to attend an wonderful school district..., but, MAN, this is HARD!

Needing - To fold the mountain of laundry... I think I put this in the "needing" section of every "currently" post.  LOL!  But, laundry can wait... and if we wear clothes straight from the pile every some days, nobody has to know.  ;)

B2S RAK - Encouraging Notes... This has been a summer of changes at my school... several teachers are taking on new challenges.  A random, anonymous note of encouragement might be just what they need to get through the starting days.  So, I plan to sprinkle some words of encouragement throughout my school.  Who knows?  Maybe it will be contagious and others will pass along the kindness!

Whew!  That was therapeutic!  
Bring on the new school year... Here's to new beginnings!
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