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The Winter Sun

My students and I had lots of fun learning a little about the water cycle and the affect the sun has on the earth's surface this week! 
We used this new unit:
My favorite part of the unit was the writing activity.  It was wonderful to see my students' imagination and ingenuity as they created ways to block the sun so their snowmen wouldn't melt!
We created some very cute, very melted snowmen to end the week of study.  I found this great art idea on Pinterest HERE from First Grade Blue Skies.  They turned out so cute! 
You can get this fun handwriting poem for free at 21st Century K!


  1. This is very creative. I love your students' ideas. Really cute!

  2. This is a great idea. I love the melted snowmen.

  3. I love the melted snowman as well! It reminds me of one of my kindergarten songs: