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Guided Reading: The BIG Picture

I have a love/hate relationship with Guided Reading, how about you? I LOVE working with small groups of students on exactly what they need, I LOVE the hum of a classroom alive with lots of small group work in action, I LOVE using printable leveled books to monitor the progress my students are making with reading, and I LOVE the intimacy of talking quietly with just a few students that might otherwise never be heard in the large group setting. BUT... I hate that I feel overwhelmed by the amount of content or skills I think I should address, I hate the days when we are interrupted and my whole system gets derailed, I hate feeling like there's more I should have accomplished, and I hate that my time with small groups is so limited.

So, to "make friends" again with Guided Reading 
I try to take a step back and think about the BIG PICTURE

What do I really hope to accomplish in my small group time?
Well, I want my students to be able to read and write independently at their instructional level and I want that level to move forward.

When I think about that BIG PICTURE goal, I am able to really focus on what's most important and narrow my lessons down to the 3 Most Important Things to Include in a Guided Reading lesson.

Watch as I discuss what I have found to be the most important parts of a Guided Reading lesson.

It's really simple when you think about the BIG PICTURE!
Guided Reading Lessons should include...

Talking by the students
About stories,
About strategies,
About their thinking,
About their writing.
AND About themselves!

Writing by the students
For spelling practice,
For word work,
About stories,
About their learning
About their thinking,
AND About themselves!

Reading by the students
For a purpose,
AND on their level...


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  1. Can I get an "amen!!" Great post and I love how you broke it down!