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Kindergarten January New Year Lesson Plans

 It's the 19th week of Kindergarten and we returning from winter break ready to tackle the new year!

3 Big Goals:

Review Routines and Procedures

Learn About and Set 2022 Goals

Learn About Various Cultures Celebrate the New Year

Famous Words: 

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer." -Harriet Tubman

This week it's all about getting back into the groove of school. January in Kindergarten is such a magical time because kinders just seem to come back from winter break more mature and ready to work and learn and finish the second half of the school year strong. In core math we are moving on from 2D to 3D shapes and learning more about math applications such as graphing. In literacy we are pressing on with Saxon PhonicsHeggerty Phonemic Awareness, and with basic sight words. Our theme is New Year's Traditions and how to dream big dreams, set goals, and celebrate the new year. 

I'm super excited to use a new-to-me text this year, Every Month is a New Year by Marilyn Singer, to continue our discussion on holiday traditions.

21st Century K Resources for the Week: