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Wordess Wednesday

Linking up with Miss DeCarbo tonight for Wordless Wednesday!
We had such a fun time welcoming the new season at "Fall on the Farm" last Friday!  The MSU School of Agriculture always does a fantastic job setting up activities that are fun and educational for the children and families in our community.  For our class News Project my students spent the day reporting on each event to the video camera.  Next we will cut and edit our footage in the computer lab to produce our own news segment! 


  1. Lovely to find your blog through the link-up - you look like you and the children had a great time at the farm. I also like your microphones - I am assuming they are models and don't really work? I am also assuming that you will do the cutting and editing of the footage with the children watching or do you use a really kid friendly program and have a class of amazingly talented children?
    Special Teaching at Pempi's Palace

    1. Thanks for visiting! Our microphone is a fancied-up paper towel tube. I will be putting the footage together, but my students have looked at all of it and have compiled a list of questions we are going to use to interview a local expert. I am hoping to develop a PowerPoint or Smart Notebook file with which they can pretend to create a layout of sequence some images. Thanks again!