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No More ABC Flashcards!

When I learned about using an Alphabet CHART instead of flashcards at my last reading interventionist training I thought, "This is SO simple and makes SO much sense! Why didn't I think of this?!?" Of course any mind-blowing thing I learn I have to share... I believe we should ALL share ideas and resources... interventionists and classroom teachers are all on the same team. 

Using an Alphabet Chart instead of flashcards for practicing letters fosters lots of pre-reading skills:

  • Concept of Word vs. Letter
  • Tricky Sight Word "the"
  • Left-Right Directionality
  • Top-Bottom Directionality
  • 1:1 Correspondence
  • Tracking
  • Using Picture clues
  • Text-Wrapping
Can ABC flashcards do ALL THAT?!?

Of course, I couldn't share this awesome tidbit 
and leave you empty-handed!
Grab a FREE Alphabet Chart for your students HERE

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  1. Thanks for the great information, Hannah! This makes so much sense!!