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The TRUTH About Reading Assessments

It's that time of year again! It's time to get to know our students and gather all that baseline data so that we can monitor growth, pinpoint struggles, and search for ways to challenge our students. When it comes to reading our assessments can run the gambit from computer based tests, to timed fluency assessments, to paper-pencil tasks. BUT, do these sorts of assessments REALLY tell us how our students read?

Do you want to really KNOW your students as readers?

Would you make time for an assessment for your students that could tell you...

About their fluency,
About their expression and phrasing,
About their problem solving strategies,
Whether they attend to punctuation,
Whether they use picture clues,
How well they know sight words,
How they attack new words,
If they are reading on grade level,
If they read with accuracy,
Their level of confidence about reading in general???

Of course you would! And it's really VERY simple!

WOW! We can learn SO MUCH about our students just by taking the time to listen to them read!
It's worth the time and effort because listening to our students read is the only way to truly assess their reading on an individualized level. Do you make time to listen to your students read?

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