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4 Types of Readers Virtual PD Session 1

Are you ready to start guided reading groups, but still feel uncertain as to how to sort your students... even with all that beginning-of-the-year-data? We've all been there!
Using a student's Fluency (fast or slow) and Accuracy (right and wrong) rates when reading a grade level passage, it's easy to sort your students into four distinct groups for guided reading instruction. After I learned about this way of sorting students at a wonderful training with the 95% Group, I started thinking about what my instruction might look like for each type of reader. In this Virtual PD video series we will explore the four types of readers, their characteristics, their strengths as readers, and the implications on their instruction.

Before starting this Virtual PD be sure to download and print this FREE Handout for note taking!

Sessions in this series:
1) 4 Types of Readers Overview


  1. This is very informative, crystal clear and practical. Thank You!!!

  2. Hmmmm! I love the chart!

  3. ...and I learned a lot from your video. As an upper grade/middle school teacher, it's eye-opening to see the strategies that have been used before students arrive in my classroom. Thank you.