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Kindergarten February Presidents Day Lesson Plans

It's time for the 26th week of Kindergarten and we are packing this four-day week full of new content and fun! Are you planning to celebrate "TWOSday" on 2.22.22? We will give a small nod to the day, but we have some many other things to learn that there's no time to spare!

3 Big Goals:

"TWOsday" Fun on 2.22.22

Presidents Day Content

Begin New Math Unit

Famous Words: 

"Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all." -President George Washington

"Kindness is the only service that will stand the storm of life and not wash out." President Abraham Lincoln

Many in the U.S. have much to say on the topic of history and how it should be taught. My personal belief is that we should provide an honest, factual representation of our nation's history while also being sensitive to what is developmentally appropriate for the grade level we teach. As we learn about Presidents Day we will learn some facts about Washington and Lincoln's leadership (along a few other presidents). We will not shy away from the fact that these men were/are not perfect and their stories are not as simple as many may have once believed. I'll also work to drive home the idea that you don't have to be president to be a great leader, but, at the same time, each student has the potential to become our president if they desire it. In core math we are starting a new unit that introduces measurement. We will use several hands-on activities to practice measuring length with both standard and non-standard tools. We will continue to explore fact families, numbers bonds, and teen numbers, as well. In literacy we are pressing on with Saxon PhonicsHeggerty Phonemic Awareness, and with basic sight words. Our theme is Presidents Day.

This week students will have access to many non-fiction texts on our nation's presidents. We will also read a few books aloud that focus on empowering students to believe in their own leadership potential.

21st Century K Resources for the Week:


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