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Kindergarten March Authors & Illustrators Lesson Plans

 Wow! It's the 27th week of Kindergarten and March is only a couple of days away! This is when the school year really seems to step into high gear as we start winding down into the last quarter.

3 Big Goals:

Catch Up From (another!) NTI Day

Wrap Up All February Content

Explore Authors & Illustrators for RAA

Famous Words: 

"A little glitter can turn your whole day around." -Barbara Park, Junie B. Jones, Shipwrecked

If you've been following along you may have noticed that I made it through February without an (official) theme on Black History. BUT, that's NOT because I don't cover it in my class. We've discussed the fact it is Black History month, but Black History is a part of our lessons all year long. This year I've worked hard to weave themes of Black History and leadership through our entire school year. We have celebrated the big stories like President Barak Obama and Vice President Kamala Harris, but we've had the tough conversations, too, like, "Why did it take so long to have the first Black leader in office?" We learned that while George Washington was a great general and the "Father" of our country, he also owned slaves and that was not okay. We've learned about so many leaders through our weekly "Famous Words" activities, always with the underlying idea that NO ONE is perfect, but that doesn't mean imperfect people can't make great contributions. This week will be no different... It's Read Across America week at my school and our theme is "Authors & Illustrators." We will cover several different authors and their books over the course of the week and make sure to include cultural diversity. We will spend a brief amount of time on Dr. Seuss. We will talk about the impact his books have had on literacy, but we will talk about his racism as well. Our overarching theme is "Forming an Opinion," and we will talk about how we form opinions and how we choose our favorite books. We will complete a persuasive writing piece on favorite books as well. In core math we are continuing a new unit that introduces measurement. We will use several hands-on activities to practice measuring length with both standard and non-standard tools. In addition, I'm excited to use my new Science-themed Guided Reading books to reinforce math measurement and science concepts during my reading groups. We will continue to explore fact families, numbers bonds, and teen numbers, as well. In literacy we are pressing on with Saxon PhonicsHeggerty Phonemic Awareness, and with basic sight words. 

This week students will have access to SO many books by a wide variety of authors and illustrators. As we form opinions about favorite books I'll share some of my personal favorites including my very favorite, Laura Numeroff.

21st Century K Resources for the Week:

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