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Oh, the sights we saw!

Our field trip to Murray State was a great success!  Our students saw so many more 21st Century sights than we could have offered in the classroom.  At Waterfield Library we learned about how information and books are kept along with ways students can CREATE stories online.  At the MSU TV-11 studio we saw firsthand how technology and COLLABORATION combine to produce a television show.
Kinder "B' became invisible when she put on her green jacket in front of the Green Screen.
Radio broadcasters at WKMS shared how they COMMUNICATE with the public as well as entertain.  The newspaper editor spoke of COMMUNICATION in all forms and the importance of
sharing news.
At the Industry and Technology building we were amazed by the robotics lab and the
Wow!  This printer is creating a 3D shape using plastics.
Above all, I hope my students learned that ANY of them can walk this path as a college student one day and ANY dream is within their reach!
 I cannot wait to finish our unit on Monday when students will write their own 21st Century Learning Targets!
Link to Unit on TPT
Click to see the entire unit on TPT!

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