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Yes, we can!

To close our unit on 21st Century Students today my kinders and I reviewed 6 characteristics of 21st Century Learners:
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After discussing each, students were given time to think of one area they would like to improve upon this school year.  After sharing and helping each other choose just the right characteristic, students were given time to write and draw their own 21st Century learning target.  The result was astonishing!  Phrases like, "I can create new artwork," "I will collaborate with my friends," "I want to solve problems," and "My goals are to learn to read and play the piano!" floated around the classroom while students worked. Wow! 
I can create!
I can solve problems!
I can set goals!
I can work independently!
I can collaborate!

This is proof it's NEVER TOO EARLY to let students in on our little secret...
It is our hope they reach their fullest potential!

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